Nuit D’Issey Austral Expedition is a sensational perfume by Issey Miyake created for men in 2015 as a catchy contemporary fragrance designed for casual wear. Created by Loc Dong- this fragrance is a perfect accessory for day wear mixing in a wide array of famous perfumery ingredients to create bolts of refreshment and confidence packed in one perfume. 
This enigmatic bottle of brilliance carries itself as a wooden spice infused fragrance where the spicy tangents bring out a vivacious and robust side of you as the wooden accords simply soothe and numb your senses with a deep alluring effect trailing behind. However, the top notes for this fragrance take after its original parent editions where citrus agents like lemon and lime in grapefruit with a slide sprinkle of coriander and mint form the quirky first note. 
The heart note in the middle then mixes a wide variety of flowers as lavender, geranium and gentiana double the dose with an essence of fresh leather acting as a strong side effect. The base for this perfume comes with a vibrant edgy after flavor as amber wood, vetiver and coumarin gel in together creating one of the most spiced up robust concluding scent. 

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