Unconventional and inspiring, L’Eau D’Issey Pour Homme Sport edition is yet another extension of the classic L’Eau D’issey edition. Filled to the brim in bubbling energy and dazzling appeal, this fragrance, like most of its series, can be used for universal purposes. Intense and strong in nature, one can distinctly make out every orb of energy shooting through the perfume as exuberant citrusy notes frame the first layer of the perfume. Grapefruit mixed in bergamot is essentially refreshing causing a sporty. Upbeat vibe to prevail until the heart layer sets in. Once we enter the core stage- the concoction of fresh leather and spicy nutmeg brings back chilly sensation. 
The base of the note is once again striking using ambergris, vetiver and Virginia cedar to create a serene, calming ending to the otherwise refreshing sport edition. 
Olfactory family: A fresh and woody fragrance
Top notes: Grapefruit and bergamot
Middle notes: Nutmeg

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