Prepped in red, Hugo Energise by Hugo Boss made for men mirrors the attitude of a bustling urban life where time waits for no one. Bubbling with unrestrained energy and always so diversely colorful, Energise has its theme carved in clarity within the name itself. The perfume was created by Claude Dir who wanted to capture the masculine essence of robust energy through innovative ingredients piled together strategically. 
Free-spirited and upbeat, this smell takes you to the childhood days of fun and frolic where empty fields met the horizon as carefree waves splashed against the sun kissed sand. This is the perfume that would want to make you escape the city yet smell like one where the urban life of glitz and glam reminds you how splendidly avant-garde the world is. 
The top notes blend in a whole lot of vivacious notes starting from mandarin orange, lemon, pineapple leaf, kumquat and pink pepper all the way to minty accords sprinkled with a little cardamom. Once you move past this whirlwind of empowering fragrances, the heart note sets in with a vigorous onset of refreshing waves brought on by jasmine, juniper berries, coriander, clary sage, freesia and topped with a little nutmeg. For the base note, the mood is set for relaxation this time opting for simplicity branched through vanilla essence dipped in fresh leather and teak wood accords. 
Own your own Hugo Energise and keep the spirit of freedom by your side all day long! 

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