Ursula Wandel brought out Hugo Boss Soul Man EDT in 2005 using a concoction of oriental spices. Decked in an ombre violet suit, Soul Man by Hugo Boss represents mustery, ambiguousness and strict enigma as some of the best ingredient concoct together to give a balanced diet of refreshment, sensuality, confidence and enigma. 
Soul for man chooses vibrancy as the top most essence which is essentially why this layer constitutes spice filled citrus flavors. Bergamot and mandarin orange starts the intoxicating breath of freshness followed by spices like anise, cardamom and pepper acting as stimulants. The heart note for this fragrance is strictly spicy using coriander on cinnamon and nutmeg. Peeping through the heart layer is also an unmistakable essence of sweet scenting lavender.
Moving on the perfume ends with a note of vanilla mixed in musk, vetiver, amber and tonka bean. 
Touch souls as you exhilarate yours with this witty collection from Hugo Boss. 

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