Attractiveness is measured in terms of simplicity as the Hugo Boss Pure Men EDT keeps its theme strictly fundamental and non-complex.

The goal is to reach the heart without having to put on an extravagant act which is why even the bottle designed for Pure Men is kept uncomplicated using nothing but clarity and a little urbanization. Being a modern day perfume the bottle in its cool mint blue shade does no justice to the perfume encased within as a twist of snug summery vibe intoxicates your senses.
 However, the shade of the bottle is inspired by the water accords that graces the perfume’s aroma, as the very first spray starts with a bubbling outburst of citrusy notes. Grapefruit and mandarin orange is the most dominating out of these three as the fig mixed in lemon adds an unconventional scent to the top note. The heart of the perfume mixes in sweet floriental fragrances as hyacinth and lily blend in together. The base note wrapped in massoia concludes this smell efficiently. 

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