Released in the fall of 2001, Deep Red Woman Eau De Parfum by the designer house of Hugo Boss is all about accentuating your womanhood through coarse, stimulating fragrances that not only inspire you but makes you feel invincible. Red is the sign for lust and power at the same time and heightening the likeness of both, perfumer Alain Astori and Beatrice Piquet uses a wild range of fruity zests to create a sensational introductory note. 
The topmost note reveals a mixture of Clementine on blood orange and pear with zesty mandarin orange and black currant extract adding a profound body to the scent. For the heart, tuberose in hibiscus seed, freesia and ginger flower compliment the spice based floral accord with ginger zests present in the heart adding that extra push.
The base in vanilla and musk with sandalwood and cedar wood finally brings the perfume to a conclusion. 

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