Encased in golden, Boss Bottled Intense EDT with metallic detailing by Hugo Boss is made for men who lead the contemporary lifestyle in finesse. Their polished urban lifestyle is a representation of their very personality, sharing its uncanny resemblance with the original Boss Bottled. Perfect for the modern man with a modernesque lifestyle, this fragrance is engulfed in masculine vibes with a keen side expressing luxurious sensuality carved on a bed of sophistication. 
One would often feel the abundant presence of essential oils in and around this fragrance as the top note opens the introductory scent with citrusy bergamot blossoms and fruity apple. This perfume is strictly composed of wooden accords with a spicy side to it. Even though the most dominating scent is that of the relaxing incense, one may also feel a light green orange blossom essence lingering in and around the core fragrance. 

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