Following the steps of Boss In Motion- original, Boss In Motion White by Hugo Boss for men launches itself in a similar ball-shaped bottle, this time the contrasting orange laid on a snowy white background. Launched in the summer of April 2009, Boss In Motion White Edition is all about enigma and mystery where dynamic energy and robust activeness collected from the original edition’s theme is highlighted here but with a dash of enigma, sensuality and sophistication added to the mix. 
The opening notes bubble in vivacious energy as blood orange pair up with basil to create a striking combination of alluring vibrant perfume. The following note in cooked in pepper and cinnamon uses the spices as a dominating fragrance while the use of soft saffron on the side heightens the sensuality of the perfume. Once again, maintaining the same demeanor as that of the original- the base note is wooden with coarse vetiver essence exhilarating your senses. 
If smelling sensuously robust and refreshing is something that you always wanted to do- there is no better time than now! Get your hands on the Boss In Motion White EDT by Hugo Boss. 

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