Launched in the market in the year 2010, BOSS Bottled Night EDT for men wraps itself in an outstanding bottle of soft midnight black with the word BOSS engraved for a superior masculine effect. If the bottle doesn’t excite you, the smell definitely will. Bottled Night EDT channels its perfume to the youthful section, targeting the robust vibrant minds who think alike, ambition driven flames melting every one’s heart. This perfume is focused towards the youth who doesn’t shy away from challenges, never accepts defeat and always wants to keep moving forward. 
This is definitely one of the bestsellers from the house of Hugo Boss with the top notes revealing a sweet concoction of lavender and birch. The heart of this perfume features a fantastic essence brewed from violet while towards the concluding note one can clearly experience wooden notes molded in musk. 
Live the night life and be at the top of your game with irresistible Bottled Night by Hugo Boss. 

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