Boss Bottled EDT by Hugo Boss for men is diverse, prolific and filled with energetic vibes as the clear bottle efficiently balances floriental fragrances with bubbles of spicy accords to give man a distinct taste of individuality where effeminate essences bond together as the all masculine perfume of ‘BOSS Bottled’ spreads jolts of refreshment all over your body. 
Keeping freshness intact is the number one goal as beautiful peachy and fruity perfume adds onto the liveliness of the situation. Keep things warm, fuzzy and irresistible as the top notes reveal an exhilarating outburst of fragrances from citrusy lemon and bergamot mixed in oak moss, plush plum and green apple. The core scent of BOSS Bottled infuses three different items- mahogany for wooden accords- carnation for a floral effect and cinnamon at the end to spice the scent up. 
The base of this product is equally mesmerizing as vanilla and olive tree essence add finesse to the perfume. However, the dominating notes for this layer are strictly wooden using cedar, vetiver and sandalwood as the key scents. 

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