There’s more than what meets the eye with Hermes Terre D’ Hermes EDT for men. This is more than just a perfume concocted out of wooden accords as the term Terre D’ Hermes is a metaphor in itself that stands for materials- which can be anything in any form starting from the earth and water to matter and molecules. Based on this unique concept- the main theme circles around the alchemy of wood while other ingredients present in the mix induce their distinct scents, rejuvenating and replenishing the enigma of this fragrance. 
Structured vertically in a strategic manner, the opening notes are flooded with energy that blend in the bitterness of grapefruit and the jovial orange citrus essence. The following note, that is, the heart of the perfume plays with intact minerals from spicy peppers mixed in vivacious pelargonium. The true essence of wooden accord is only detected starting the base notes where an amalgamation of some of the best aromatic matter simply numbs your senses.

The fragrance from dominating cedar is strong throughout the base note with coarse relaxing effects of the vetiver and benzoin adding special bouts of fragrance. One can also experience a catchy freshness acquired from the minty patchouli situated on the base note. 
Make this perfume your personal favorite and bond with the intricate delicacy of aromatic minerals! 

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