Jean Claude Ellena brought out Eau De pamplemousse rose by Hermes for men, keeping intricate sensitivity and unstoppable sophistication in mind. Blended in artistic fragrances that could melt any heart, the bottle encasing these scents is an eye-catcher in itself.

Lively in green with a black covered cap on top, the main theme of this perfume is jovial energy and unrestrained enigma channeled through a scent of elegance and minutely scrutinized craftsmanship. The three key elixirs that makes this perfume so intense is the robust rose mixed in a bubble of electrifying grapefruit and citrusy orange essence. 
While the bitter-sweet rose essence enlivens and mystifies your aura, the use of citrus as the other two notes create a striking balance and a jolly harmony. Experience this one-of-a-kind for yourself and smell irresistible all day long. 

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