Regarded as an emblem of Hermes, the 1979 Eau De Orange Verte cologne for men was concocted by perfumer Francoise Caron himself. This perfume is the perfect representation of summery vibes with clear country side meadows and fresh windy fields, blossoming flowers and golden sunlight. One of the key essences that make this fragrance so distinct is the use of all natural morning dew with moist undergrowth that mirrors your nostalgia and brings a breath of lively freshness to your nose. 
Edgy, captivating and above all, grounded to nature- Eau De Orange Verte is an exceptional cologne basing its entire theme on chirpy summery citrus essences. The chief ingredient lightening up the citrus mood is orange with an exhilarating combination of tangy, zesty fragrances from mandarin, lemon and blackcurrant sending bolts off robust freshness towards you. Distinct in its features with a strong minty background, the other complimenting note of calming essence is composed of patchouli bathed in oak moss that heightens the feeling of enigma in this prolific cologne. 

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