Made of simplicity, Hermes CC Belami Vetiver EDT is made for men who adore everything natural. Smelling great is just a regular need but extravagance is not something they want to indulge in. Soft, light-weight and soothing on the senses, this Eau De Toilette by Jean-Claude Ellena infuses the warmth of Vetiver with other wooden accords that are not only appeasing but serene in characteristic too. Smoky and ambiguous yet polite and mellow- this perfume is perfect for a low-profile day- possibly a busy day in an office or just a stay at home dad brining in the play date.
 If you want to smell delightful but don’t want to go over the top- this will be your go-to rescue fragrance for everyday wear. The introductory note is quite calming with iris and carnation essences swirling around basil, elemi and cardamom. The heart note too is polite using the freshness of Russian leather with Vetiver and civet fragrances. Minty patchouli mixed with soothing amber too finds a spot in the heart note while the smoky base using styrax with sweet scented vanilla will definitely cause quite a stir towards the concluding end. 

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