Guerlain Homme L’eau by Guerlain for men is the perfect solution for refreshment where as an added bonus, you get to smell incredible all day long while bubbles of freshness burst around you. Perfumer Thierry Wasse created this Eau De Toilette as a 2010 summer fragrance composing it of light-hearted ingredients with an icy-cold composure ruling the dominant theme of the perfume. Even the bottle in transparent and mint green is absolutely exhilarating reminding you of sunny meadows and blossoming flowers as a cool airy breeze softly blows past you. 
The main essence that breathes life in this perfume is strictly citrusy fresh and zesty in nature providing you the warmth and snug comfort of juicy bergamots, plump grapefruit and the citrus powerhouse lime essence. Also found in the mix is the evident use of mint extracts to keep the scent crispy clean and sharp with a hint of geranium on rum causing smooth blends and prolific summer fragrances. 
This is more of a day wear- being light weight with a kick. Pair it for a quick brunch or a office picnic or even for a day out at the sports arena. 

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