Guerlain Homme Intense takes after its original edition Guerlain Homme but this time the mix is presented in a much more intense and lively way with passion filled aromas giving strong hints.

Draped in metal and glass encasement, the bottle itself gives away the aura of true masculinity- black metal and silver engravings do have a certain type of charm, don’t they? 
The top note for Homme Intense starts with a well blended mojito giving off tones of fresh lemony mint essence with rhubarb at the end keeping things peachy and smooth. Often the introductory note is intoxicating yet soft and sizzling while the heart note is when the animalistic nuances are introduced. Soft essences from rum mixes in with geranium and floral notes with the base made of minty patchouli and Virginia cedar. The addition of soft Vetiver notes to the last layer of perfume is actually welcoming in this context when strong flavors swirling around end with a soothing calm fragrance. 
Bring out your animalistic desires while veiling it with a layer of gentlemanliness only with Guerlain Homme Intense EDP.

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