Mixing animalistic ardour with that of a refined man, the Guerlain Homme EDT for men will bring out both your composed and untamed side where passionate fragrances mixes in with intoxicating scents to create a one of a kind perfume for the upbeat, lively yet compassionate people.

Emphasizing on the duality of a man’s innermost persona- the Guerlain Homme designed by Guerlain’s in-house perfumer Thierry Wasser captures hearts with this captivating perfume that introduces the first note molded in mojito which carries a limey mint based flavor which is soon replaced by bergamot and rum essence. This is exactly the transition point from the beguiling gentleman to the free-spirited animal as other wooden accords keeps the wild man in tame with soft soothing after notes trailing behind.

The last note of this perfume is mixed in geranium with cedar and Vetiver notes clearly accentuating the strong attractive vibe. 

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