Gucci Premiere Eau De Parfum released in 2012 was an honorary dedication to Gucci’s hot Premier couture collection first displayed in the 2010 Cannes and the perfume derives inspiration from this very couture, encouraging women to find the glowing star within them. Clad in absolute with an enigmatic elegance hanging in the air around- this fragrance celebrates all the bravery, the exuberance, the confidence and the achievements that modern women have managed to succeed. 
For the top note, black berry joins in with bergamot instilling the introductory note with ounces of freshness. The middle note now comes in with white flowers, orange blossom and musk essence while the last layer, i.e. the base uses nothing but patchouli and sandalwood on other woodsy accords thereby establishing a serene ending to the otherwise robust perfume.

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