Enigmatic Beauty cannot be better explained than in terms of Oud’s 2014 Oud EDP for men exclusively expressed through a seductive masculine bottle drenched in lustrous black with gold detailing adding an absolute attractiveness to the scene. The bottle cap in gold encases the elixir within as intensely rich and nerve-numbing OUD essence straight from Laos graces the top ingredient list of this perfume. 
Start the day with the preppy opening note that brings you all kinds of sweet nostalgia as calming saffron adds a delightful essence next to the fizzy and quirky pear. Hints of raspberry bubbling in between sets the top note on blazing fire while the heart note reveals a opulent scent of rich Bulgarian rose and orange blossom. While the core note is kept floriental and feminine- the base note bursts into Gucci’s award-winning iconic scent made of patchouli, amber and musk.
It is here that the free flowing essence of agar wood or Oud will be clear to you with a relaxing effect flowing close by in the heels. 

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