Made To Measure by Gucci is an all manly perfume harnessing the truest form of masculinity from world renowned perfumery ingredients and channeling it to a specific set of men who conforms to the definition of this perfume.
Imagine a man decked in a double-breasted designer suit with sharp details enhancing his personality as the polite approaching nature overwhelms you. Imagine this man being right in front of your eyes displayed for inspiration yet distant enough to be a mysterious obsession. Taking in everything that forms a part of elegant attitude, the Made To Measure is such an essence that evokes the dangerous gentleman side of you. Filled in composure with the regalness and raw depth of a hand-made tailored suit with precision measurement- this is the perfume that will make you feel like a million bucks right from the very first spray. 
The top fragrances that introduce the scent start with Calabrian bergamot and Tunisian orange blossom which introduces zesty citrus notes. The presence of lavender mixed in anise will invigorate your senses all the more. Moving to the second note, Gucci allows their patent ‘attention to detail’ routine to create yet another layer of attractive essence composed of juniper berries and nutmeg for an aromatic spicy scent which is then taken over by plush plum, water lily and perky cinnamon flavors. The base note is kept fresh with leather and amber colliding with labdanum and minty patchouli as a last breath of refreshment blows over your senses. 

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