As mind numbing oud EDP invigorates your senses, Intense Oud EDP by Gucci made for men adds a heavy Mediterranean flavor to the simply brilliant perfume. Strong, long-lasting and intense- the Oud by Gucci is a perfect amalgamation of some of the strongest exotic essences, olibanum oil being one of the front runners to this fragrance.

An iconic and prized perfume ingredient Olibanum with Oud extracts stirs up quite an interesting fragrance- a lively jovial essence with a side of intense seductive tones colliding against each other. 
However, the empowering flavor of this perfume is more than just Oud and Olibanum. While the wooden accords are unbelievably resounding and clear- the use of amber and incense mixed in with a little bit of leathery hue actually provides a calming effect to the mixture. Soothing, firm and indulging in sensuality- Intense Oud EDP is probably the best first date perfume where you want to sweep your crush away on the first try. 
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