Guilty pleasures taking over, The Gucci Guilty Pour Homme Eau De Toilette specialized for men is encased in a metallic-glass bottle with a manly persona oozing out of it.
This perfume is created for the man who strongly believes in himself and knows exactly what the heart wants. His determination is set ablaze by courage and his thirst for adventure- and all this while eluding exclusive tones of overcharged sexuality. This is one of the dominant masculine essences that enlightens up the path and makes you smell absolutely irresistible. 
The scent builds up to the base where the patented Gucci flavor of minty jazzy patchouli blends in wooden notes from cedar and sandalwood with explicit amber fragrance forming the base note that lingers all day long. 
The perfume opens with a jolt of sensual lividness as calming lavender and guilty spiced up pink pepper settles down on a base of citrusy lemon. This magnetic attractiveness of this perfume also combines soft tones of refreshment including scented whiffs of orange blossom as the heart layer which is downright a quirky lustful scent. 
Want to impress the ladies with nothing but bold smell and a bolder personality? Here is your genie in a bottle! 

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