Guilty Black Pour Homme EDT by Gucci for men is a strong message bearing perfume regarded as the scent of this millennium.
Depicting the current generation of outrageous sexuality, it is often noticed that today’s men and women recognize sensuality and lust as one of the driving forces of attraction- sometimes basing a whole relationship on these criteria. However, this is not necessarily viewed in a demeaning state as these driving sensual attraction is often provocative sometimes addictive in nature too which is exactly what the Guilty Black Pour Homme depicts. 
An intoxicating tale of the modern contemporary man who simply cannot resist hot burning lust, this perfume aspires to turn a new page in the history of sensual perfumes with guilty pleasures and award-winning iconic fragrances that stir up deep passion within you. This globally recognized perfume starts its introductory notes with a mild green coriander essence topped on a base of lavender and green notes.

The green notes itself take you to the next stage of the fragrance where soft and soothing neroli along with orange blossom creates a soft passion filled aroma. The base notes to this intoxicating Eau De Toilette is heavily influenced by wooden accords, mainly cedar, while the a refreshing mix of minted patchouli acts as a constant reminder of sensuality and unhindered flawless frenzy. 

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