Being the first ever fragrance released by the designer house of Giorgio Armani-  Eau Pour Homme EDT for men captures your attention with a vintage smell of freedom where a laid back essence is accentuated by playful rugged seduction.

Imagine a man of the 80s, draped in a suit with a carefree, frisky and high-spirited attitude trying to woo you over with a bunch of the best smelling roses. That is exactly the personality Pour Homme EDT depicts.

Launched in 1984, this perfume resurfaced with a modification in 2013 and even though the core features remained the same- the fragrance did include a modern touch to the vintage bottle where masculine essences dominating the perfume started with a top note made of Italian juicy bergamot, Green Californian lemons and tangerine straight from Sicily. 
The core of the perfume starts with a refreshing breath of cloves on nutmeg and lily as the base of this prolific essence lays itself on a base of wooden accords. Mixing in the goodness of soothing sandalwood, oakmoss and minty patchouli acts as intoxicating notes to the concluding perfume. 

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