Harnessing inspiration from the 2006 original, Code Ice for men by Giorgio Armani is a modification of the perfume, released in 2014 with a much more dynamic personality to itself.
Elegant and charming with a side served to everything masculine- this fragrance is a man’s alter-ego. Starting with a jolt of the finest citrusy flavors, the top masculine layer soon fades into a more caring feminal touch using flower as the heart of the fragrance.

This perfume is the perfect manly essence where one side evokes a sense of courage and depth while the other side brings out a playful light-hearted nature.
The main theme of this fragrance is sun kissed Mediterranean where the top notes reveal a spicy composition of ginger and citrus lemon with a hint of mint lingering behind. The heart note for this essence is beautiful lavender and geranium and the base is mainly composed of wooden snug notes that are both relaxing and stimulating. 
The code Ice has a much more composed, intense and icy cool vibe as compared to its original edition. 

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