Launrent Bruyere in 2003 collaborated Ferragamo for Incanto Ladies Eau De Parfum- yet another sensational fragrance from the house of Salvatore Ferragamo. As a part of his Incanto fragrance line for women- Incanto Ladies EDP focused on the various small but significant nuances that would build up a woman’s personality- her quirky laugh, her opulent attitude, her cheerful take on life and much more. This fragrance celebrates woman in their truest form- the beauty in the eyes of the beholder heightened through irresistible aroma.
The top note is just peach and plum creating a long-lasting optimistic note as the heart layer in peony, red lily and jasmine create a striking floral scent. The base note following at the heels next discloses the musk and amber on sandalwood nuance.

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