As vintage as 1978, Sophia Grojsman created another breath taking Estee Luder fragrance- White Linen Eau De Parfum. Calming tones roll down the soft skin as a pure blissful harmony is achieved through the use of natural extracts that make this perfume so passionately intense and romantically adorable in nature. 
The head of the perfume is kept concise with aldehydes heightening the peach and lemon pair. However, the sensational blends start at the heart of the perfume where orchid, jasmine, iris, hyacinth, carnation, violet, lily, rose and jasmine extract creates an empowering blend of floral actives. Backing this is the ylang-ylang and orris root pair. 
The base as usual unfolds a dramatically interesting natural accord as sandalwood and vetiver mix in tonka bean, amber, cedar, benzoin and honey with oakmoss. 


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