After Modern Muse (2013) and Modern Muse Chic (2014), Estee Lauder creates another flanker of this fragrance edition calling this 2015 release Modern Muse Le Rouge EDP, which mixes a bit of personality from both the previous releases and concocts a brand new and appalling fall night perfume. 
With the face of the campaign being super model Kendal Jenner- Muse Le Rouge is all about obsession with the color red which signifies lust, love, confidence and boldness. The top note starts with pink pepper on saffron, red currant and raspberry which is soon followed by the heart note in magnolia and jasmine accord. It is in the heart note that the sensual tone of vibrant rose nuances is felt. May and Bulgarian rose from the heart note crawls all the way  to the base where ambrette and patchouli on vanilla and vetiver concludes the essence with a opulent tone.

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