Launched in 1985, Estee Lauder’s Lauder Men Eau De Toilette stars a Fougere scent compiling a wide array of ingredients starting with citrus fruity smells all the way to oriental spices and wooden accords.

Draped in gold with a sleek black cap, the perfume carries the personality of a simpleton working excellent as an after shower before work or a date meet at the café. While the smell is not loud and upbeat, it conquers your attention by allowing the blend of these multiple items to flourish freely. 
The top notes of this beauty features a perfect combination of citrusy fresh mandarin orange and refreshing lemon backed by green notes extracted from coriander and clary sage. Use of cardamom and anise with galbanum and juniper berries heighten the top note as the lily of the valley essence settles in as one of the heart layers of the fragrance.
Vetiver and rose along with blooming carnation and jasmine forms the middle layer giving off a slight feminine touch to the otherwise exhilarating scent. The use of floral as the core layer not only refreshes your senses but also adds liveliness to the essence.
The perfume is docked on a base completely tuned out of wooden accords with oakmoss and cedar complimenting the sandalwood, amber and minty patchouli essence. The soft musk with a touch of vanilla is the final icing in the cake that will simply blow your mind. 

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