Focusing the elite audience of the Middle East, Amber Mystique by Estee Lauder was launched as a part of a brand new edition focusing on enriched culture of the prosperous Middle East. Focusing on the oriental essence, this perfume blends in the rich cultural notes with soft wooden accords that stimulate your passion and makes you smell impeccably irresistible.
The body of the bottle itself oozes that compulsive sexiness as the dark blood red color accentuates the mild lustrous gold in the center.
Mainly regarded as a perfect scent for the night, this beautiful fragrance collects essences from black current, raspberry, patchouli, amber and taif rose where succulent and citrusy flavors mingle with mint and woody notes to cause a nerve numbingly beautiful perfume.

Also encountered in this bottle of brilliance is a mixture of sandalwood and oud participating in the relaxation tone as sprinkles of pink pepper, jasmine, incense and ylang-ylang dissipate in the air around leaving a frail note of intoxication to the fragrance.
One can even catch a whiff of fresh leather masked within Bulgarian rose and musk essences as the concluding note of the perfume leaves you feeling bewildered and exquisite. 

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