Sicilian Mandarin by Ermenegildo Zegna formulated for men is a part of the hot couture fragrance released along with her sister editions of intoxicating perfumes enveloping you in an elite fragrance that screams of passion and vibrancy.

True to its nature, the Sicilian mandarin EDT vibes well with an adventurous soul. Robust, upbeat and mood lifting in essence, this is the perfect summer beach scent with gripping undertones of exclusive Calabrian mandarin bringing in a tinge of intoxication to the table.  
Harnessing the core form of mandarin oil, the presence of Zenga bergamot and spearmint creates a jazzy electrifying essence crowded with feelings of exhilaration. One can also find hints of moss with petitgrain that creates a beautiful fusion amongst the other modern fragrances.
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