London 51.3N for men by Dunhill is one of the most sought after fragrances released from the house of Dunhill in the year 2009. Keeping the lovely scenery of London’s ravishing country side in mind, this mix of city life and country side will remind you of extensive lush green fields, wet dew drops on the grass and fresh earthy whiffs from an evening breeze while a part of this perfume will remind you off the wet cobblestones on a rainy city day with bright and colorful umbrellas fleeting across the street and a soft chill settling down as the night advances into depth. 
Encircling the rich essences that make London beautiful, this perfume starts with a top layer that features ozone accord from the city with a mix of rhubarb and grapefruit working wonders on your nose. The middle or the heart layer starts off fresh with a new note this time clearly merging black and pink pepper with sweet scented lavender essence. Vanilla forms an integral part of the beautifully pleasant base note while sandalwood drives a soothing scent mixing cedar leaf in the mix as well. 
Top Notes
Rhubarb, Grapefruit, Ozone accord
Heart Notes
Pink pepper, Black pepper, Lavender
Base notes
Cedar leaf, Sandalwood, Vanilla

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