Dunhill Desire Black Men EDT by is a 2014 fragrance for men carrying an oriental Fougere aura about itself as it involves dominating notes of spicy accords, fruity and floral essences with a suppressed yet relaxing wooden tone towards the end keeping you smelling jolly and fresh throughout. 
The top notes feature a rather invigorating essence of citrusy grapefruit and bergamot providing maximum freshness fragrance while a side pepper adds that much missing zing to the perfume.
The core layer of this perfume starts with a smooth blend of saffron and rose- both empowering yet engulfed in relaxation and the cypress wood on the side heightens the relaxing combination.

Moving on to the base notes- vetiver, amber and olibanum parts their intoxicating woody essence and allows you to enjoy unhindered freshness all day long. 

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