Pour Homme for men by Dolce and Gabbana was released in 1994, two years after launching their first edition perfume in 1992 called Pour Femme for women. While these two fragrances ruled during the 90s, off-late in 2012, the creators decided to bring in a new vibe to the vintage scent by re-launching these two fragrances with a much intense character in them portraying some modern day fragrances alongside the old ones. 
The main theme of the perfume is strictly aromatic with herbs and dry woody essences giving off a perfect romantic essence to this otherwise masculine scent. Fougere in nature, the top notes are floral yet dry and woody encompassing notes like neroli, bergamot and tangerine while the heart notes are strictly herb based with an addition of lavender heightening the senses.

Sage and pepper adds on to the freshness of the fragrance as the base starts with tonka accords, tobacco and cedar- the perfect ingredients for a soothing yet energetic perfume. 

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