D&G Light Blue Discover Vulcano EDT is a new fragrance line inspired by the mysticism of the island of volcano. Twinning with the Light Blue Panarea, this is a limited edition Eau De Toilette reminiscing summer and everything cheerful with a light weight composition of some of the best natural elements to concoct an essence that screams of beauty expressed through simplicity. 
You have never tasted earth on your nose buds as well as before as the essence for this fragrance capture the perfect earthy fragrance with just a hint of ginger to freshen up your demeanor. The addition of soft Italian lemon to the top most layer is an icing on the cake as the heart layer combines woody essences with romanticism by using lavender on cedar- quite a prolific pairing.

The base of the perfume is completely kept natural with cedar and vetiver as this jubilant and mesmerizing essence keeps you snug and confident. 

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