Launched in 2008, The One For Men EDT by Dolce and Gabbana is an all men exclusive wooden oriental aroma exclusively created for men who loves to woo their beloved with the scent of masculine flavors intoxicating their senses all day long.

Packed with vigorous refreshing fragrances, this perfume is an absolute hit amongst the ladies incorporating both strong courageous and mild aromatic scents into one bottle. 
The perfumes opens with a fruity fragrance mixed in with spices like coriander and basil mixed in refreshing grapefruit.
The heart layer of this essence compiles oriental fragrances that are both electrifying and romantic in nature acquired by compiling orange blossom with ginger and cardamom essence.
The base to this fragrance personifies everything classy with a soothing wooden fragrance humming the essence of tobacco, amber and cedar. 

Make an everlasting impression while on an evening out with your beloved with The One For Men EDT. 

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