Oriental and fruity, Dolce and Gabbana The One Eau De Parfum deals with an exciting bunch of regal notes craved out of everyday and rare perfumery agents. As the usual D&G perfume goes, this is a character enhancing fragrance accentuating not only the physical aspects as an attraction point but also her whole demeanor- her attitude and her body language. The One EDP, brought to attention in 2006, has this mystical woman in mind with a graceful personality and an enlivening face filled with confidence. 
The top notes once again start on a preppy fruity note with mandarin orange, litchi, peach and bergamot highlighting the refreshing nuances as the perfume introduces itself. 
The heart or the core layer of the perfume next focuses on lily and lily-of-the-valley extract with the goodness of aromatic jasmine and plush plum aiding the lusciousness. Amber and vetiver mixed in musk with vanilla forms the dominant layers in the base note.

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