Drenched in black with sparkling silver engravings, Only The Brave Tattoo by Diesel for men is a Eau De Toilette artistically created keeping the iconic Diesel bottle shape in mind. Folded in a fury fist, this dark shaded perfume is considered more than just a simple scent where invigorating sensational fragrances cook up a delish palate of sooth nerve numbing smells.

The root inspiration for this perfume has been harnessed from none other than the original Only The Brave edition with a keen eye out on intensifying the smell with a smug essence of victory, strength and courage appropriately masked all over. 
The bottle case for this perfume has been designed by none other than the body art impresario Mister Cartoon himself in a calligraphic tattoo form signifying the meaning that much like a tattoo even this fragrance will glue itself to your body and make you smell irresistible to the world.

Using zesty apple as the top note, the perfume continues with a bourbon pepper and sage essence depicting freshness while the real passion sets in as the base note concluding it with tobacco, benzoin, patchouli and amber wood. 

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