Diesel Fuel For Life EDT for Men is a perfect blend of mystery, enigma, energy and blazing passion that combines the thrill of youth with a perfect sprinkle of vintage invigorating their senses. The youth today is unpredictable, bubbling in energy and passion with a vision out to set new role models surpassing the past yet picking up bits and pieces from it. Combining the vintage feel for the today’s youth- this irresistible fragrance was created to intoxicate and stimulate the youthful vigor with a keen eye out for burning sensuality forming one of the key emotions besides invigorating flamboyance. 
These perfume includes crisp, fresh and passionate ingredients that elude a stupefying scent made of spicy star anise and citrusy grapefruit, sweet scented lavender and intoxicating raspberry with waves of vetiver wood and passionate heliotrope causing vibrations of youthful enigma to rush across you. 
Get this unique collection and experience the rush of youth, now available in our online store! 

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