The third in the line of floral fragrances for women, Rosa Excelsa EDP by designer brand D&G works with a playful blend of aromatic rose accords with an usual au-naturale essence at the base keeping this fragrance chirpy, cheerful and down-to-earth. Yet another spring time day wear with blooming floral actives, Rosa Excelsa- true to her name comes in a flacon dipped in peachy rose hues. The stopper at the top in the form of a blooming rose comes in an admirable red color with an iconic black knot at the neck ensuring the feminine tones the fragrance would bring. 
The top notes bubbly and fresh uses the exotic papaya flowers with aromatic neroli leaves and then sets in the heart on a bed of lavish red roses. For the very first time- Turkish absolute red rose and African Dog red rose participate actively in the heart layer with the not so dominant background enriched in subsidiary floral nuances from amaryllis, narcissus and water lily extract. 
Moving forth, the base in its natural glory dignifies the concluding note with a serene musk on sandalwood and cashmere wood essence. 

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