After Dolce and Gabbana released their first ever floral fragrance in 2014- Floral Drop EDT was released as a flanker of the original with a much breezier and light summery feel attached to it. Perfect as a spring daytime wear, it’ll take you back to the dewy mornings where freshness hung in the air with a misty cool vibe from the early morning air refreshing your slumbered senses. 
Even the container for the fragrance depicts the same intensity as it uses a simple bottle in creamy beige with an elegant cap shaped like a blooming flower. The black knot at the neck simply goes on to add more grace to the container style.

Created by Laurent Le Guernec and Jean-Marc Chaillan- the top notes for this fragrance start with neroli, green apple, papaya flower and sweet peach which is then followed by a heart of amaryllis, Narcissus and water lily. As the name suggests, these floriental layer of aromatic nuances stand dominant in the mix of fragrances with the base of the product reaching out to an all natural accord. The use of musk on cashmere and sandal wood finally concludes the perfume. 

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