Chanel’s iconic fragrance line Chance Eau De Toilette introduced in 2003 took inspiration from the word ‘Chance’ which in French stands for luck. In that very light, the flacon style of the Chance fragrance line was made circular, much like a wheel of fortune. 
The chance EDT was one of the first Chance fragrances introducing a tone of empowering feminism with passionate energetic notes. Opulent, attractive and positive in manner, Chance EDT instills a sense of cheerful calmness incorporating pink pepper, iris, hyacinth, patchouli and pineapple as the top notes followed by the heart layer of lemon with jasmine. 
For the base note- patchouli returns with vetiver and musk on the side as a creamy smooth vanilla essence spreads evenly across the base layer and installs a tone of relaxation before concluding.

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