Extending the Allure Homme family, Chanel’s Allure Homme Sport Extreme for Men is yet another captivating addition to the house of Chanel this time brining out a more vigorous and headstrong scent that reeks of crunchy freshness backed by tart spices and subtle woody essences. 
Made for the bold and confident, this fragrance is set to capture the vivacious intensity of the unstoppable man who wishes to move mountains and cross oceans just to get to his determined destination. Inspiring courage with an edgy side of playfulness, this perfume plays its opening note very well mixed in Sicilian mandarin, cypress, mint and clary sage. One will also find a classic amalgamation of black pepper and tart spices with tonka beans, cedar and sandalwood. 
Luxury, elegance and confidence goes hand in hand as this vibrant fragrance splashes through your body and into your senses.

Own this bestselling sport extreme edition from the house of Chanel. 

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