Oozing of bold confidence, Cartier Declaration Pour Homme EDT for Men is a perfume constructed for the finest of men who value their integrity and act on it. Made for men who knows what they want, the Declaration Pour Homme is a splendid Eau De Toilette grasping the true manly essence of oriental woody spices with a hint of foriental flavors smoothening up the aroma as it intoxicates your senses. Designed and brought to life by perfumer Jean-Claude Ellena, this 1998 best-seller merges a whole bracket of spices and earthy fragrances to form a confident and uber sexy perfume range. 
The top notes for this reveal a concoction of Artemisia, coriander, caraway, birch, mandarin orange, neroli, citrus bergamot and bitter orange. The following note which is regarded as the heart and core of the perfume starts with an intoxicating mix of iris, ginger, pepper, cinnamon, jasmine, orris roots and Guatemalan cardamom essence.

After the first two layers of intense heavy ingredients start to fade, the sublime more composed earthy smell of amber, tea, vetiver, oakmoss and cedar climbs out giving off a real relaxing essence from earthy elements. 

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