2002 Chic Eau De Parfum by Carolina Herrera is not only outgoing in attitude but also a robust feminine essence highlighting the suppleness of a woman through determined aromatic nuances. Encased within a clear glass flacon with sinful red as the only splash of color, Chic EDP is more sensual and fun in nature than soft and quaint. Because of this notion, Chic is considered contrasting where one part heightens the elegant graceful accord while the other simply holds up the playful nuances of flirty floral compositions. 
The top note in aromatic flowers start by mixing headstrong Bulgarian rose essence with that of tuberose and red freesia which is then backed by yet another floriental base constituting the heart note. The suppleness of freesia continues in the second note with lily-of-the-valley, mandarin and orange blossom creating a heavily accentuated fragrance. 
The perfume ends in a twist with a rather sober white musk blending in with vanilla and sandalwood.

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