Carolina Herrera MEN SPORT targets the men on the go who are always on their heels making things happen. This is an active wear concocted especially for the busy bees who are completely engrossed throughout the day without leaving a time for a breather. Being active, fresh and bold is just another day in their book and this is exactly the essence this fragrance endeavors to achieve. Wrapped cheerful in a cotton base of red and white, the bottle for this fragrance itself speaks of the playful nature of this enthusiastic perfume. 
The top notes open with a refreshing outburst of luminous citrusy fresh grapefruit and bergamot with a slight essence of sage trailing faintly behind. Once the top note dissolves the heart of the perfume pops up with a invigorating aquatic sea note. Blended in with the sea note is the beautiful oriental flavor of Sichuan pepper and juniper berries creating a soothing mix of oriental spicy accord.
The base for this zealous fragrance however tones down to a much more refreshing yet relaxing essence with sandalwood, vetiver and oak moss working their magic on the last layer of floating aroma. 

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