Continuing with the success for the original CH fragrances, Carolina Herrera once again returns with MEN PRIVE EDT- an exceptional newly customized fragrance highlighting all the essence of a stout masculine flavor. 
Redefining elegance with its provocative fragrance, the MEN PRIVE in accordance with the original CH Carolina Herrera smells of luxury, chic graciousness, passion and lust and above all unstoppable confidence. Combining everything manly- this fragrance will reveal essences of wood and oriental spices lathered in sensual black leather. 
The top revealing notes clearly carry that all-man scent on a late Friday night- whiskey accords. Mixed with the whiskey is a citrusy grapefruit and pomelo. Soon the core of the scent settles in, bringing on board rich frozen lavender essence. Cardamom, sage and red thyme are a brilliant addition to it which is immediately followed by tonka bean on benzoin and leather. 

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