Carolina Herrera introduced the Central Park for her and him edition in 2016, seeping inspiration from one of the most symbolic American metropolis- the Central Park of New York City where diversity blooms in different shades of natural enigmatic and opulent tones. This is just like a walk in the park during the breezy spring noon when aromatic nuances are blooming in galore.
Take a stroll in the spring with enchanting fragrances bringing in chirpy cheerful notes. The perfume starts with white pepper creating an upbeat accord backed by the plump plum bringing in the sweetness. For the core note, a harmonious blend of floral extracts from jasmine and tuberose with orange blossom on the side adding a quick quirk to the middle note. 
Starting with ambrette and ending in white musk essence, the base note also incorporates a soothing cedar essence clouding the concluding note with enigmatic ambience.

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