Clad in military wear- CH Africa fragrance line both for men’s and women’s focus on uplifting the power and moral strength that backs an urban human being as he or she tackles the everyday bustle of a busy city, accepting challenges and taking on risks as they go their way. Africa Ladies Eau De Toilette captures the same attitude while highlighting the exoticness from wild Africa where lush green savannah fields and wide twinkling skies remind you of freedom, Mother Nature and above all adventure in the lap of nature. 
Inspired from every aspect of Africa- the deserts colliding against the horizon, the Tanzanian red lake or the beautiful Kenyan vegetation is its muse as the top notes open in a frenzy of violet and orange notes. For the heart layer, spicy cinnamon and Rooibos red tea gel in together in an aromatic harmony with iris essence creating an upbeat feminine nuance. 
For the base, incense on vanilla forms the base of the product with CH Africa Ladies bring one of the most stimulating and charismatic fragrances from the house of Carolina Herrera. 

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