Following the success of the female version, Carolina Herrera introduced the 212 VIP MEN’s edition, invented for those in the dazzling list of VIPs, resembling the uptown chic and regalness of a bustling metropolitan city. Smeared in bold over the cover of the perfume is the challenging tagling asking you “Are You On the List?” with the words NYC clearly visible underneath. Engaging the captivating VIP of the busy city, this perfume represents the elegance and charisma of the elite crew. 
Sophisticated yet playful, this perfume will have you enchanted as the most unique combinations merge together to form aromas that resembles a cocktail of lime caviar and robust spices. Citrusy fresh with a refreshing breath of vodka tonics, this smoldering hot fragrance is definitely a must buy in our list. 
Grab yours today and be the life of the party! 
  • Lime caviar - for a energising burst     
  • Chilled vodka - with a touch of frozen mint     
  • King wood - provides a smouldering, vibrant earthy scent


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